A raycaster is a type of rendering engine that renders a 2D map to look 3D. I did this project for a physics project to show how models of the real world can sometimes work in completely different ways.


Otek is a command line tool to help you make new projects with ease. Otek stores templates of projects so you don’t have to remake the same file structure every time your start developing a new idea. Just make the template once and keep getting started from that. Otek avoids being opinonated because the user knows what project format is best.


A clone of the game “Breakout” for the Atari. I programmed this game for machine learning research, I’m going to make a neural network learn how to play breakout.

Vector Field Visualizer

A visualizer for vector fields. Just enter the equation for dy/dx and watch it refresh.

Tap Tap Pop!

A clone of “Pop the Lock” for my senior passages project about artificial intelligence. Currently there’s no AI playing on the public version.

Forest Fire

A cellular automaton using the 🌲 🍂 🍁 🔥 emojis to simulate a forest repeatedly growing and burning down


My own LISP dialect written in javascript. Features object literals, array literals, funky strings, logic, and functions! Not a finished product, but I had fun.